About Care n Cure Pharmacy

Care n Cure Pharmacy stands as a leading online pharmacy in Qatar, boasting a network of 53 outlets spread across the nation. Established as the premier choice for thousands of satisfied customers, Care n Cure Pharmacy continues to grow, driven by its commitment to providing same-day express delivery for a wide range of healthcare, homecare, and pharmaceutical products. With a pioneering service that promises delivery within 2 hours, Care n Cure Pharmacy exemplifies excellence in online pharmaceutical services, making it a cornerstone of healthcare in Qatar.

The Challenge of Precise Delivery

In the competitive online pharmacy market, the speed and accuracy of delivery are crucial. Care n Cure Pharmacy faced a significant challenge: the lack of precise location data from customers, which led to delivery inefficiencies, increased operational costs, and decreased customer satisfaction.

The existing process required drivers to call customers for location clarification, adding to the delivery time and complicating the logistics.

Pinpointly's Role: A Game-Changing Solution

Integration with Shopify:

Pinpointly was seamlessly integrated into Care n Cure's Shopify store, revolutionizing their delivery process by enabling precise location capture at checkout. This integration provided significant time savings and reduced the need for follow-up calls, optimizing delivery routes and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Results: Enhanced Efficiency and Satisfaction

Impressive Time Savings:

Pinpointly introduced a groundbreaking location finder tool to Care n Cure's delivery process, seamlessly integrated with their Shopify platform. This innovation allowed customers to accurately indicate their location at the time of ordering, significantly reducing the need for follow-up. This efficiency resulted in an average daily time saving of 5 hours, accumulating to 150 hours saved each month for its drivers.

Operational Impact:

  • Increased Deliveries : The substantial time savings facilitated an additional 300 deliveries per month, streamlining the delivery process and enhancing service capacity.

  • Cost Savings :Care n Cure experienced considerable financial benefits, saving QAR 5,400 monthly, which is equivalent to USD 1,479 per month. These savings reflect the direct impact of Pinpointly on reducing operational costs and increasing profitability.

Customer Satisfaction:

The accuracy and speed of deliveries saw a significant boost, enhancing customer satisfaction levels. The streamlined process fostered a better shopping experience, increasing customer loyalty and trust in the Care n Cure brand.

Pinpointly Highlights

  • Streamlined Delivery Process: Integration with Pinpointly led to optimized delivery routes and reduced operational costs.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Accurate deliveries and improved efficiency enhanced the overall customer experience.
  • Operational Efficiency: The reduction in delivery time and the need for communication significantly improved operational efficiency.


The integration of Pinpointly has set a new standard for delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction in the online retail space. With substantial time savings and the ability to handle additional deliveries, Care n Cure Pharmacy not only addressed its initial challenges but also enhanced its service quality and operational capabilities. The success story of Pinpointly and Care n Cure Pharmacy highlights the potential for broader application and continuous improvement in e-commerce logistics.